We work hard to help our clients build their wealth, and to protect it. In the investment world there are many variables beyond our control, but fees aren’t one of them. You can protect your wealth against bad fees. We want to do good work and be adequately compensated, but not at the expense of our clients or their financial peace of mind. We structured our fee schedule to reflect this, ensuring our compensation is balanced with excellent results that provide financial security for our clients.


As in all things, we are transparent with our philosophy and policies around compensation.
Here are the key factors:

We explain any possible conflicts of interest associated with our compensation early and often.

As licensed insurance brokers, we accept commission associated with life, long-term disability and critical illness insurance as part of our compensation.

We do not accept finders’ fees or have fee-sharing arrangements with any advisors we refer you to (mortgage brokerage, legal, accounting, etc.).

There is a considerable positive change underway in the investment industry with respect to fees. We are happy to review these changes with you to ensure you leverage on the improvements underway.

Schedule of Fees

Base Plan Process

$2,000 +GST

This fee is payable at the end of the fourth meeting of the Base Plan process and is contingent on the client seeing value in our collaboration up to that point.

Portfolio Construction and Ongoing Asset Management Fee

Percentage of investment assets.

This is a flat annual fee from the first $1, dictated by total portfolio size. There are no associated commissions and the fee is not tiered. For example, a $1 million combined household portfolio is charged 0.85% from the first $1.

$250,000 to $500,000 – 1.25%

$500,001 to $999,999 – 1.1%

$1M to $2.5M – 0.85%

$2.5M to $4M – 0.7%

$4M+– Individual quote